5. Widgets

INTRODUCTIONHow to edit widgets and widget areas?

Our themes have default widget areas, and custom widget areas, that are added through 'Sidebar manager' plugin.

In Appearance > Widgets panel you can see the list of available widgets and widget areas.

Here’s how they work – each theme has default widget areas, such as Footer widgets, Header Left widget, Header Right widgets, etc.

Some themes have custom widget areas made for each homepage in order to have different widgets on them.

The purpose of custom widget areas is to override the default widget areas on certain pages.

Custom widget areas are added in Appearance > Sidebars panel, by selecting which default area they will replace and on what page(s) they will display.

Once you select your homepage, go to Appearance > Widgets and check if that homepage has its own custom widget area.

If it does, you have two options – first is to move widgets from this custom widget area to a corresponding default area.

Other solution would be to simply assign that custom widget area to display on all pages by selecting them in Appearance > Sidebars panel.

*Example is from Renata theme, but the process is the same for all of our themes.


SECTION 01BB Text Image

You can use this widget to display text and images in one of the widget areas.


You can insert custom icon with link here – usually used in header.

SECTION 04BB Recent Comments

Recent comments with avatars.

SECTION 05BB Recent Posts

Recent posts with featured image thumbnails.

SECTION 06BB Weather

In order to get Openweather API Key please follow the steps from the following article – https://openweathermap.org/appid.