4. Bold Timeline Items

SECTION 01Timeline Group

First element that is added to Timeline is Group. It is a container element to which Timeline Item and Timeline Item Posts are added.

Most of the Group settings can be set in Groups Settings panel of Timeline element. Those settings can then be overridden in individual groups (such as frame shape, style, etc.).


If you choose to hide content of timeline, in Timeline Group you can edit settings of ‘Show more’ button (style, shape, and color).


SECTION 02Timeline Item

Click on 'Add' control of Timeline Group to add a Timeline Item.

Like with group, timeline item settings can be set in Timeline element’s Item panel. They can then be overridden on individual items.


In order to configure timeline item, you need to add supertitle / title / subtitle. Additionally, you can add image gallery, or paste the link to audio or video.


The following elements can be added to Timeline item.


SECTION 03Timeline Item Posts

Click on 'Add' control of Timeline Group to add a Timeline Item Posts.

Timeline Item Posts element allows you to list your blog posts in timeline format. The following are settings of this element:

Posts Settings


Category filter – add the slug of blog post category to show only posts from that category.

Post format filter – use this field if you want to show only posts of specific format. For example post-format-video for video posts.

Taxonomy filter – in order to filter posts by taxonomy use the following format – tag:highlight.

Post author username – enter author’s username.

Date filter – use this field to filter posts by date. For example enter 7 days ago.

Order by – select how the posts in timeline will be ordered.

Design Settings


Number of items – enter number of posts you want to show or leave empty to show all.

Show date / Show categories / Show comments – select if these elements will be visible on timeline post, and where (subtitle or supertitle).

Show excerpt / Show featured image – select if excerpt text and featured image will be visible or not.