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Purpose of this document is to help you get the most out of Bold Timeline Lite plugin as quickly as possible.
If you have any questions regarding this document or Bold Timeline Lite plugin contact us via our support tool.


With Bold Timeline Lite plugin you get:

  • A professionally designed WordPress plugin with all its features
  • Plugin support provided by our dedicated support team.

SECTION 01Installing Bold Timeline Lite plugin

There are two methods of installing a plugin onto your WordPress site. You can use the WordPress Admin panel to upload and install the plugin, or you can use FTP software instead.

WordPress Plugin Installation

To install the plugin directly from the WordPress admin panel, please first log-in to your wp-admin console.

  1. Navigate to Plugins > Add New,
  2. Enter Bold Timeline Lite in the search bar,
  3. Click Install,
  4. Once it’s installed, click Activate.

Installing Downloaded File

If you downloaded plugin file from, there are two ways to install it. Through wp-admin or FTP.

  1. If you want to upload in admin panel, you need to extract plugin folder (bold-timeline-lite folder), from downloaded file and pack it again as zip and then upload that zip.
  2. Click Install Now and the installation will begin.
  3. Once the installation is complete, go to Plugins screen and look for the newly uploaded Bold Timeline Lite in the list.
  4. Click Activate to activate it.

To install the plugin using FTP software, log in to the server where your WordPress website is hosted.
First extract bold-timeline-lite folder from downloaded file.

Now connect to your server via FTP and navigate to the wp-content/plugins folder in your WordPress directory online. Upload bold-timeline-lite folder to the plugins’ folder on your remote server.

Once the plugin is uploaded, you need to activate it. Go to ‘Plugins > Installed Plugins’, find Bold Timeline Lite and click ‘Activate’ button.

SECTION 02Installing Demo Content

Please follow the next steps:

Demo content can be downloaded on the following link.

1. Go to ‘Tools > Import > WordPress’ and install WordPress Importer plugin if it is not already

2.  When it is installed, choose xml file from demo_data folder and click ‘Upload file and import’.

3. On the following screen make sure that ‘Download and import file attachments’ is checked. Click ‘Submit’ button and wait until import is finished.

4. Once demo import is done, you should see imported demo timelines in Bold Timeline panel.

SECTION 03Bold Timeline options

After Bold Timeline is installed and activated, you should see Bold Timeline custom post type on your dashboard.

In order to create new timeline, click on Add New option. Should you want to edit one of the existing timelines, you need to import demo content. Instructions on how to install demo content can be found in Installing Demo section.

Once you click on ‘Add New’ option, you will see box with big ‘+’ button. Click on it to add Bold Timeline element.

Bold Timeline has several commands, such as:

  • Add – add new element to the Bold Timeline.
  • Edit – edit Bold Timeline settings such as color, shape, etc.
  • Duplicate – duplicate an element or entire timeline.
  • Copy – copy an element or entire timeline.
  • Copy + – copy several elements one after the other.
  • Paste – paste previously copied element / timeline.
  • Delete – delete an element or entire timeline.

SECTION 04Bold Timeline Settings

If you edit Bold Timeline element (pencil icon), you will see dialog with several options.

General Settings

Timeline Style – here you can select one of pre-made timeline styles (classic, retro, clean, travel, CV). Once selected, they will determine layout, colors, fonts, etc. of the timeline. Some of these settings can be overwritten.

Line color – color picker to choose line color.

Item Settings

Following are the settings that apply to timeline items. Once they are selected, they will override default settings of the previously selected timeline style.

Frame color – select color of the timeline items’ frame.

Background color – set the background color of the timeline items.

Connector color – select the color of the line that connects individual timeline items to the main timeline line.

Marker color – select the color of the element that joins individual timeline items to the main timeline line.

Icon color – color picker for icon color.

Sticker color – if you have item’s supertitle display as sticker, here you can select color for sticker.

Title font – select font family for title.

Body font – select font family for body text.

Group Settings

Group frame color – color picker for frame color.

Title font – choose font family for group title.

Custom Settings

Custom ID attribute – set the custom ID for the timeline element.

Extra Class name – add custom class for timeline element.

Extra CSS – enter custom CSS for timeline element. Use #this as a selector for desired CSS.

Inline style – add inline custom style for timeline.

Responsive Settings

These settings allow you to hide timeline on certain screen sizes.

When you are finished with editing your Bold Timeline, copy its shortcode (e.g. [bold_timeline id=”53″]) and paste it in Text / Shortcode element on desired page.

SECTION 05Timeline Group

First element that is added to Timeline is Group. It is a container element to which Timeline Items are added.

Title added for the group will display above all timeline items.

SECTION 06Timeline Item

Click on 'Add' control of Timeline Group to add a Timeline Item.

In order to configure timeline item, you need to add supertitle / title / subtitle. Additionally, you can add icon, and images.

Click on the + sign of timeline item to add text field to it.

SECTION 07Export Bold Timeline

Here is how to export Bold Timeline from one site to the other.

In order to export the timeline you created from one site, and import it to another one, please follow these steps:

1. Open timeline you want to copy, and click on Copy button.

2. Then, click on the two arrows at the bottom of the screen.

3. On the pop up that appears, click export, and copy the symbols that appear.

4. After that select to add new timeline to the site where you want to copy it. Click on the blue button to add Bold Timeline settings.

5. Then again click on the two arrows on the bottom of the screen, paste the symbols you previously copied, and click ‘Import’ button.

6. Close the pop up, and on the Bold Timeline settings panel click ‘Paste’. Make sure to save changes and now your timeline should be properly copied.