Starting with Bold Builder version 4.7.0 it is possible to use OpenAI API to generate content for specific elements.

Currently AI Content Generator works on Headline, Service and Text elements. This option is not available on our certain Premium Themes: Bold News, Fast Food, Food Haus, Kids Club, Industrial, Fitness Club, Organic Food, Finance, Estato, Craft Portfolio, Shopscape, Hotel California, Showcase and Medicare.

SECTION 01Enable AI Generator

In order to enable this feature first ensure that you have Bold Builder version 4.7.0 or newer.

Next step is to generate API Key and select OpenAI model.
You can find detailed explanation on how to create your account and generate API in this article – How to get API Key for ChatGPT.

OpenAI is not free and you will be required to provide your credit card information. We are not associated with them and their payment system, and for any questions and issues regarding payments and billing you will need to contact OpenAI support.

The monthly billing will depend on language model you select and number of tokens you use.
Language models available in Bold Builder are –GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 Turbo.


GPT-4 can follow complex instructions in natural language and solve difficult problems with accuracy. It is a bit slower, and pricier than other model.
You can learn more about it on this link – GPT-4.

GPT-3.5 Turbo

GPT-3.5 Turbo model is capable and cost-effective. It is faster and cheaper than GPT-4, but it’s not as advanced.
You can learn more about it on this link – GPT-3.5 Turbo.
You can find more detailed breakdown of the two models here – Which model should I use?


More detailed explanation on tokens can be found here – Managing Tokens.
You can find all the information on pricing on OpenAI web site – Pricing.

Once you generate API Key and decide which model you want to use go to your wp-admin dashboard and navigate to Settings >Bold Builder panel.
There you will find a field where you can add your API Key, and select OpenAI model you want to use:


As with other OpenAI endpoints, the API can fail due to various reasons.
Here is a list of several common errors and how to resolve them – Common Errors.

SECTION 02How to use AI in Bold Builder

AI Content Generator works in both frontend and backend editor of Bold Builder.

When you click on the element you want to edit you will see AI Generator button on top of the edit panel:


Clicking on the orange button will open edit panel for AI Generator:


To close the edit panel click the title on top of it:


SECTION 03AI Generator options

As mentioned above, AI Generator is currently available in Headline, Text, and Service elements for textual content. The following options are available for generating AI content in elements.


Enter keywords relevant to your site / content.

While there is no limit on number of words you can enter, for best results, we recommend using only a few important words.

You can type the words with just space between them or you can use comma.

AI Generator supports different writing systems, numbers, and punctuation marks.

Desired Length

Set the number of words that will display in Superheadline, Headline, and Subheadline fields for Headline element, or Title and Text fields for Service element.

If you don’t select number of words, AI will generate content with the same number of words as our demo content (if you are editing pre existing content).

If you write in 0 words for any of the fields, or if you are editing Headline / Service element without previous content, AI will not generate content for that field.


Here you can set the tone of your title / text.

The options are – default, bold, conversational, passionate, professional, and witty.

The selected tone is added as a part of the prompt for OpenAI API, and if ChatGPT can differentiate them in the selected language, it will generate desired content.


Write in which language you want the text to be generated.

AI Content Generator supports, more or less, any language that exists.

Note that you can write keywords in one language, for example English, and then select for the content to be generated in another language, for example French.

Once you fill in these fields, click on the ‘Generate’ button, wait a few seconds, and your content will appear on the page (if you are editing with frontend editor):


If you are editing in backend editor, click on ‘Generate’ button, the fields will fill in with generated content, and then click ‘Submit’ button to update the changes on the element:


*Important Notes

The Tone and Language selected when the first element on the page is edited will apply to other elements until you change them manually.

You can use redo / undo arrows to switch between versions of text, on the element you are currently editing. Once you refresh the page, the saved history will be erased.


SECTION 04Additional Features

Starting with Bold Builder version 4.8.2, several new AI features are available.

Beside basic option to generate text, new options are – Translate, Rephrase, and Correct.

Translate – this option is there to translate your current content to another language. When this option is selected only ‘Language’ field is enabled, just type in the language you want to translate to, and click ‘GO’ button.

Rephrase – this feature allows you to rephrase your existing content in different tone options that you’ve selected.

Correct – with this option you can correct grammatical errors (capitalized words, punctuation marks, etc.) in your titles / text.